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This month's Spotlight is AFTECH

AFTECH, Riverfront Credit Union’s Software Provider

Have you ever wondered how your credit union actually works? Why you can get money out of your credit union account from a machine in San Francisco or London? How your employer can put money into your account without you ever seeing a pay envelope?

Behind it all is a network of computers and communications equipment that allows what happens in San Francisco or London or your company’s accounting office to get back to Riverfront Federal Credit Union and posted to your account almost immediately.

At the heart of all of this is a computer system inside your credit union, using software and services from a company called AFTECH. A Pennsylvania company located in a suburb of Philadelphia, AFTECH supplies the software that handles your account. This software does the addition and subtraction to keep your account balance accurate, and also posts the records so you can get a statement of your transactions in the mail or over the Internet.

But the AFTECH software does much more than this. Thanks to its interfaces with other companies’ software, AFTECH helps process your credit and debit card transactions, helps clear your checks, and lets you use the telephone or the Internet to do a lot of your credit union business.

AFTECH was founded 23 years ago by four men and a woman. After AFTECH become one of the most successful credit union software and systems providers in the United States, the founders sold the company to Fiserv. Fiserv is the world’s largest provider of financial data processing, supporting the credit union, banking, thrift, insurance, securities, and health administration industries.

Today, AFTECH has become a leader in Internet financial services as well. Its aftech@net software allows hundreds of thousands of Americans to use the Internet for their financial services. Its aftech@lobby Internet information system sits in many financial institution lobbies across the nation, enabling members and customers to do their banking without waiting in line.

AFTECH remains headquartered in Pennsylvania, and many of the original employees still work there. In fact, many of them – like you – are members of Riverfront Federal Credit Union. Think of them as the men and women behind the software that lets Riverfront Federal Credit Union and you manage your money!

375 Technology Drive
Malvern, PA 19355-1306
Phone: 610-993-8000


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