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This month's spotlight is BCPS/BerksConnections.

All About BCPS/BerksConnections.

BCPS/BerksConnections programs and services connect Inmates & the Community, aid Ex-Offender Reintegration, connect Children of Inmates & At-Risk Youth with Positive Role Models & Activities.

About 90% of the inmates at the Berks County Prison return to our community after release.

Half of them – 50% -- will commit a new crime or violate their parole and return to jail.

The costs – to families and victims and children –affect our entire community.

BCPS/BerksConnections programs and services work to lower recidivism
and help people involved in our local criminal justice system.

BCPS/BerksConnections Programs:

• Aid the successful re-entry of ex-offenders back into our community, connecting individuals with community resources to help with employment, housing and substance abuse treatment and counseling;

• Provide community-based outreach to inmates at the Berks County Prison and their families;

• Offer safe and positive activities to the children of inmates and other at-risk youth;

• Serve as an important link between the community, social service agencies and the local criminal and juvenile justice systems.

Our agency began with a dedicated group of volunteers in 1975.

From One-to-One mentors visiting Berks County Prison,

to caring adults aiding FUNdamentals kids and our Juvenile One-to-One program,

to our Pen Pal program,

to our committed board of Directors,

community-based volunteers are front and center at BCPS/BerksConnections.

Whether you have an hour a week or two hours a year, if you want to help others at the jail, the Youth Center or in our community, whether you are a college student, retired, or working hard with a career and/or family, BCPS/BerksConnections has a place, and a need, for you.

Becoming a BCPS Volunteer
BCPS volunteering is rewarding and simple:

• You can choose an activity that can involve an hour or more each week, a couple of hours a month, or a few hours a year.

• Depending on your activity, BCPS staff may assist you in obtaining clearance at the Prison or a child-centered background check.

• Volunteer opportunities are available at the Prison, Youth Center, or throughout the local community.

Connecting People Who Need Help with People Who Care.

learn more at www.BerksConnections.org 
•  633 Court Street – 16th Floor, Reading, PA 19601 • 610.478.6920


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