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This month's spotlight is Goodman Vending.


Believe it or not, the vending industry is extremely competitive. As the local market leader, our competitors are constantly taking shots at us. It’s absolutely amazing the angles they have taken to get our clients to consider switching vendors. They have thrown virtually everything but the kitchen sink at them!! Here are just a few of the things our competitors have offered over the past few years: vacation cruises, outrageous and sometimes up front financial packages, county club memberships, golf trips, extremely cheap sandwiches (they were), and even free snow plowing!!.

The question to ask is “what do any of these things have to do with providing excellent vending service on a day in day out basis?”....The answer is absolutely nothing. In fact, all of these “eye-openers” have a cost, and usually lead to some concessions elsewhere in the vending program. Perhaps the prices of the products will go up, or the quality will go down. Maybe the vendor just won’t be able to service your machines as often as your previous vendor did, or may not come out within the hour after a service call is placed.

The point of all this is that if you are in a position where your considering making a vending change, whether it involves our company or not, don’t take great service for granted. Don’t assume that the next guy will keep your machines clean, filled, and working, respond to your service calls in a half hour, and return your phone calls on timely basis. After all, when the smoke finally clears away from the mirror, all that really matters is that you need great service, maintenance, and communication from your vendor, whoever they might be.

Now that we have stepped down from our soapbox, we would just like to say a big thank you to everyone in our family of clients. We appreciate working for you, and place great value on the relationships we have forged over the years. You are the greatest customers in the world!!!

Goodman Vending Products

Goodman Story

The Goodman Vending story begins in 1946 when Erv Goodman of Lebanon, PA was discharged from the US Air Force. He took his mustering out pay and invested it in a dozen used candy machines costing $15 each. Goodman Vending Service was born.

Vending machines in industrial plants were a comparatively new concept in 1946. It was difficult to place machines because clients expected a loss of production if employees were allowed snacks on the job. This attitude began to change in the late 40's and early 50's as vending was accepted and even welcomed as a means to keep employees happy, and yes, even more productive on the job.

In 1948 Goodman hired his first employee, Bill Buckholz, who was paid $25 per week and all the candy he could eat. Business increased and in 1953 a decision was made to place some vending machines in the Reading area.

Goodman Vending continues to prosper and currently employs 85+ people. Goodman Vending has built a reputation for quality products and exceptional personal service. They believe that business is fun. It shows in their work, their service and in their carefree, humorous, but always professional attitude.

In December 1989, Goodman moved to a brand new, specially designed 23,000 square foot building on Tuckerton Road. In January 1994, R & V Goodman of Lebanon was purchased Tony Buckholz served as President/ CEO since 1999 of both facilities.


Other vending companies advertise being among the first to
join Heart Smart, but our cutting edge attitude prompted
Tony Buckholz, President and CEO, to contact
Heart Smart and inquire about a program for vending.

Due in part to his initiative, The Heart Smart International Red Heart Food Vending Program was born which currently analyzes vending menu items for nutritional content.

Menu selections identified with the Red Heart symbol have been analyzed for:
% of calories from total fat
% of calories from saturated fat
sodium and cholesterol
Approval must be given by Heart Smart International before the Red Heart emblem is displayed.

Goodman Vending and Food Service
1000 Commons Blvd. Reading, Pa. 19605
Phone: 610-926-8363 Fax: 610-926-0795


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