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Better Choice Loan

An affordable alternative to payday loans...

... for Pennsylvania residents.

If you have a payday loan or cash advance loan, you’re probably paying extremely high interest rates and fees. And if you have to roll over your loan and pay even higher fees for that privilege, you may be caught in a never-ending cycle that’s digging you deeper into debt. That’s why Riverfront is participating with the Credit Union Better Choice Loan program. This smart alternative to payday lending helps you save more of your hard-earned money and even start saving for the future.

Credit Union Better Choice is an affordable, short-term loan that offers:

• 90-Day Repayment Term
• Flexible Monthly, Bi-weekly, Semi-monthly or Weekly Payments
• $20.00 Application Fee
• $100 Minimum Loan
• $500 Maximum Loan
• 18% Annual Percentage
• A Built-In Savings Benefit
• FREE Financial Counseling

Why pay high fees and interest rates when there’s a Better Choice? Get Riverfront’s Credit Union Better Choice loan today!

Borrowers must meet Riverfront’s membership requirements and be over age 18.

An affordable,
short term loan

Unlike payday or cash advance loans, our Credit Union Better Choice Loan offers a longer, 90-day repayment term with lower fees and interest rates. In fact, you’ll never pay more that $20.00 for your application fee. And, you’ll pay only 18% APR - that’s considerably less than the 500% effective interest rates you may be paying on a payday loan. Plus, you’ll have the flexibility of making monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly payments.

An easy way to save for the future

Best of all, our Credit Union Better Choice Loan features a built-in savings benefit. Upon your approval, 10% of your loan amount will be deposited into a savings account in your name. You may not withdraw any portion of that deposit, or close the account, until the loan is paid off. Once you’ve paid off your loan, the interest that you paid on that deposit will be added to your savings account. Savings you can count on!

Get back on track with FREE financial counseling

If you need assistance in getting out of debt or you just need advice on how to better manage your money, Riverfront can help by providing free financial counseling and expertise.

Make the Better Choice. Apply today!

Stop paying high fees and interest rates to payday lenders and get our Credit Union Better Choice Loan. Applying is easy, and no credit check or collateral is required. For more details. Stop into any convenient Riverfront Office or call



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