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Providing Service Near and Far

Riverfront has members in the City of Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania, across the country, and around the world. To make sure that credit union membership is as convenient for our members in Whittier, California as it is in Reading, Pennsylvania, Riverfront offers a full range of accounts and services that are easy to use, easy to apply for, and easy to access.

No standing in line on payday:
With direct deposit and payroll deduction, members can have part or all of their paycheck deposited to their credit union accounts without having to come into the office. It's a convenient way to save money; deposit funds into checking, and even make loan payments. Direct deposit funds are available to employees on the morning of their payday, and most payroll deductions as well.

24-hour account access:
Riverfront offers convenient services that provide access to accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With our debit and ATM cards, members can withdraw cash, make deposits, transfer funds, check balances, and make retail purchases and more. With Online Direct , our internet service, Riverfront is only ever a mouse click away. Now you can do all your banking online - check account balances, transfer funds, make payments to loans, apply for loans, and much more - all from the convenience of your home or office. Our phone service - Dial Direct - provides access to over 40 transactions and inquiries including: transferring funds, verifying balances, making loan payments, finding out which checks have cleared, requesting a withdrawal check and more.

Feel free to call:
Riverfront has a phone center staffed with representatives trained to handle questions, information requests, and applications. Members can sign up for any service, and even apply for loans right over the phone. Applications are reviewed promptly when received and are normally approved in 30 minutes or less. When members can't call during normal business hours for loans, they can call our toll free after hour's loan service. It's easy and convenient.

Come to our office:
Riverfront's office is located in Berks County, close to both Routes 222 and 422. Members can visit the office to perform transactions, apply for services, or pick up information. We also offer two drive-up lanes for quick service. And because we know how busy your employees are, we offer extended office hours.


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