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This month's Spotlight Company is Renbow International USA.



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The story of Renbow International is really the story of Renato Brunas.

With a career that spans five decades, he has contributed to every facet of the hair-coloring field, from product development to entertainment and artistry. Brunas' family has been in the industry for three generations; he began his life-long love of hair as a color artist in Paris, then moved to London and at the same time created his own product line under the Renbow International name. His innovative method of teaching color led him to create Crazy Color, a system of primary hair color that signaled the beginning of the punk trend in England. Part of his notoriety came from orchestrating the highly acclaimed tours of the Vidal Sassoon artistic team in Europe in the 1970s and ‘80s. Eventually he brought his company to the US, and established a hair color academy at his headquarters in Reading, Pa.

The experience of Renato Brunas in the field of hair coloring is unmatched. It is amassed from 40 years of research and development in color labs in the U.K. and U.S.A., involvement in countless workshops and symposiums around the world, and from coloring thousands of heads of hair, including those belonging to some of the world’s most prominent people. It also comes, on a deeper level, from working with, studying, and loving hair, from its very makeup to its glorious decoration. The results of that experience and passion are about to unfold. With Renato’s help, you will receive the inspiration and knowledge necessary upon which to build your career as a professional hair color artist ... as well as obtain a glimpse of the untold potential for greatness that lies within you!

In 1995, at the international Hair Festival held at Valras, France, Mr. Brunas was acclaimed as the “Haircoloring Genius of the Century”.
Such a worldwide reputation was no accident -- but the result of this introduction and marketing tools, techniques and products that have revolutionized the industry – setting today’s new industry standards.

Today, Renato's brother, Luigi Brunas heads the European division of Renbow while Renato is kept busy with Renbow USA, which includes a new 100,000-square-foot factory addition that houses state of the art equipment and the latest in chemical and bottling technology. Everything from chemical formulation and marketing to packaging and shipping, to presenting enlightening educational seminars and bringing international names in the hair industry into town for exciting presentations is personally handled by Renato. In a tribute to Brunas’s international presence in the industry, shampoos, conditioners, colorings and accessories bearing the Renbow name – as well as a full line of private label products – are found on the shelves of the most distinctive salons around the world.

Product Positioning

Renbow is known throughout the market for its unwavering commitment to the professional approach in education and for manufacturing professional products of quality ingredients and advanced technology. The professional only concept and its underlying philosophy constitutes Renbow’s cornerstone … ensuring the company’s integrity and solid reputation. All products are geared to this unique positioning. The resulting image supports a bond created with stylists and salon owners alike who do no wish to compete with over-the-counter products.

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Manufacturing: Plant and Facilities

All phases of production are currently housed in adjoining buildings located in Reading’s Downtown Enterprise Zone. A four-floored industrial building with loading docks is equipped to handle the total manufacturing process from quality control to production lines. A one-story, steel-framed structure. Where a 1/2 million dollar automatic tube filling machine is housed and busy with hair color production. The factory also consists of warehouse space & loading docks and truck yard.

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Promoting through Education

Renbow places top priority in educating the professional beauty industry on its products, application techniques and salon management. Over the years, Renbow has discovered the value in education as a tremendous public relations tool…one that promotes the name of Renbow, perhaps better than expensive advertising campaigns.

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Academy of Hair coloring

Renbow’s Academy of Hair coloring is a 2-day seminar on theoretical and practical fundamentals of color and hair care as it relates to color. It speaks to the profession on all aspects of hair color. Our students come from the farthest points on the continent to attend this popular and educational event, held at our Reading, Pennsylvania headquarters. In addition to this, Renbow also offers many seminars and symposiums to clients and distributors around the country.

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Education by Computer

The world’s finest and only computerized system – produced by Renbow’s own Beauty Dynamics, Inc. – brings the intricate world of color formulation to the hair colorist’s fingertips. Our computer program walks the user through the most difficult coloring situations…one step at a time. The same system is the definitive work in salon management, providing instant access to all the elements of a well-organized smooth-running management system. The beneficiaries are salon owners and their staffs repeat sales because of the consistent formulation this system provides. The software of Beauty Dynamics, Inc. promises to achieve national success based on its hair coloring merit. If so, this computer software will become a vital focal point of an operating beauty salon which would enhance a franchising system for Beauty Dynamic Salons, Inc.

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Supplies and Services

Hair care supplies are available at their corporate offices at 126-128 North Fifth Street Reading, Pennsylvania

For a local point of purchase location in your area call 610-374-4845 or Toll Free 1-800-352-3204.

Hair Color services and Color Corrections are available at the corporate headquarters in Reading, Pennsylvania. All services are by appointment only.

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Renbow International USA
126-128 N. Fifth Street,
Reading PA 19601
Phone (610) 374-4845 / 1-800-352-3204
Fax (610) 373-7101


Renbow International UK
60 Church Rd, Peyton
London E 105JP
Phone 011-44-870-366-5410 / 011-44-208-988-8500
Fax 011-44-870-366-5411




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