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Dial Direct (800-451-3477)


Across town or around the world, our credit union accounts are always within reach.

With today's busy lifestyles and hectic work schedule, it's not always possible to conduct your credit union business during regular business hours. That's why Riverfront offers several options for getting money into and out of your accounts without having to visit our office.

Access your accounts 24 hours a day from a touch-tone phone with Dial Direct, Riverfront's telephone access service. With Dial Direct, you can perform multiple transactions on your accounts including:

  • Transfers
  • Withdrawals
  • Loan Payments
  • Balance Inquiries
  • Transaction History Inquiries
  • Express Line of Credit Cash Advances
  • Information and Literature Requests
  • And More!!!

Dial Direct provides you with safety, control and convenience:

  • Free transactions - Call Dial Direct up to 12 times per month at no charge.
  • Touch-tone phone access - Use Dial Direct anywhere from a touch-tone phone. If you do not have touch-tone service but have a tone/pulse switch on your phone, simply put the switch in the tone position after your call has connected.
  • Secure transactions - Choose your own personal identification number (PIN) which will enable only you to access your accounts through Dial Direct.

Applying for this Service is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

We provide our members a choice when signing up for new services. Applications can be done either online or manually:

Online Version

1. Log on to Online Direct (if you are not enrolled in Online Direct, please refer to the Manual Version below).

2. Click the Transaction button

3. Click the Applications button

4. Complete the Access Services Mini Application.

5. Submit application

Manual Version

1. Print out our PDF version of the Access Services Mini Application
(The Access Services Mini Application can be used to apply for several services at once, including enrolling in Online Direct.)

2. Complete the Access Services Mini Application (Remember signatures at bottom of form)

3. Mail completed and signed application to:

Attn: Financial Services
Riverfront Federal Credit Union
430 South 4th Street
Reading, PA 19602

If you are not a member at this time, and wish to join the credit union, please complete our Membership Application. If you have any questions please contact us at (610) 374-8351 or (800) 451-3477 or email us at MemberService@Riverfrontfcu.org.


Dial Direct Fees


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