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Payroll Deduction and Net Pay


Q. What is payroll deduction?

A. Payroll deduction is having only a portion of your pay automatically deposited into your account(s) at the credit union.


Q. What is Net Pay?

Net Pay is having your whole pay automatically deposited into your account(s) at the credit union.


Q. Can I have my payroll deposited into more than one account?

Absolutely. You can designate your distribution however you want. For example, you may want to have a portion deposited into your checking, a portion deposited into your savings, a portion deposited into your children's accounts, etc. You can even make your loan payments through payroll deduction or net pay. You can change your distribution at any time by calling our office.


Q. When are my funds deposited into my account(s)?

Your funds will normally be deposited on your pay day. For example, if you get paid every Friday, then your funds will be deposited into your account(s) every Friday. Please note that Holidays are exceptions. If the pay date is a holiday and the deposit is received prior to the holiday, the funds may be deposited early based on the effective date of the deposit.


Q. How do I sign up for Payroll Deduction or Net Pay?

Contact your employer first to make sure that they offer this service. You may need to fill out paperwork through your company. You may need to supply your employer with the following information:

Riverfront's routing (ABA) number: 231385536 and
Your six digit account number

When you have completed the necessary paperwork with your employer, you will need to contact us to complete a payroll card. This payroll card will designate how you would like your funds distributed when your payroll is received by Riverfront.


Q. How do I get a payroll card?

Contact our office and we will be happy to send one to you.


Q. How do I change the amount of my payroll deduction?

Contact your employer first. You may need to fill out paperwork through your company. Then contact us with any changes in deductions.


Q. How long does it take for my payroll deduction or net pay to begin?

The time frame depends on your employer and how long it takes them to set up your deduction. Generally it takes approximately two weeks to initiate payroll deduction or net pay. If you find that your payroll deduction or net pay has not begun after the two week time period, contact your employer to verify that they have the proper information to begin your deduction.


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